I recently visited Tim Regan at Hove Injury Clinic for back pain and for help recovering from a broken wrist.
For years I have suffered from a troublesome back and after several sessions with Tim my back is the best it has ever been. He was able to diagnose why my back was going into spasm (something no one else has managed to pin point over 30 years!) and after treating it to advise me how to keep it stable.
When I broke my wrist I saw the NHS physios and was given some generic exercises. Some were extremely painful to do, so I booked an appointment with Tim and he was able to tell me what exercises were beneficial and at the same time worked on my lower arm and hand to try to ease the tension in the muscles and tendons.
At all times Tim is professional, caring, reassuring and courteous.
I recommend him 100%.
Lesley Baker

Tim is a superb practitioner and an old friend. He was aware of a long standing injury I was carrying and invited me to his clinic. The results were extremely positive where all others before him had failed. It is important to understand, I believe, that Tim is uniquely placed locally as he actually participates at a high level in several sports. This enables him to directly reflect on the mechanics of injury in a more personal way; resulting in more accurate diagnosis and treatment. There is little doubt in my mind that this approach and skill set differentiates Tim from other private and NHS practitioners I have visited. In short, I had 2 sessions with Tim and the result was a complete success! I would certainly recommend and do recommend Tim to all and everyone in pain.

I saw Tim several times regarding a pain in my shoulder and into my arm that several other physios failed to treat successfully. I drive from Southampton to see Tim, who always manages to stop the pain which allows me to sleep again, thank you!

Hi Tim. It’s Richard H@@@@@@. Just to let you know I’ve now completed 2 decent runs without any calf strain issues. Slight ache in Achilles tendon area but nothing too serious. Thanks