Back pain assessment and treatment

I use a variety of treatment techniques to treat lower back pain, including soft tissue work, massage, osteopathic mobilisations, stretching, trigger point release and dry needling. We may use only one or two of these to get the desired result.

I have suffered from lumbar back pain myself and so I understand all too well how restrictive and painful it can be. After more than 10 years of problems I changed careers and learnt why I was getting back pain, which was essentially caused by weaknesses in specific muscles (which is often likely to be the case in part at least for the majority of chronic back pain sufferers). With my advice and guidance I can help you to manage and ultimately overcome your back pain.

My treatment times are 45 minutes, which means you won’t feel rushed and we get chance to fully understand the nature of your back problem.

“Tim has been amazing constantly thinking outside the box to get to the route of the problems rather than just doing the same treatment and taking your money like so many others. I have passed his number to loads of friends who have all been super happy and fixed” Gary J, Minton Young

Rating: 5 out of 5.